Manufacturing workshop

This is JSBLK’s PU insulated panel manufacturing workshop. Products made here are mainly used in cold storage. Raw materials used are all sourced from Wanhua Energy Sav, whose materials are considered the best in China. After raw material procurement, we carry out manufacturing completely in-house, providing a high foam density and great thermal insulation effect. Not one step of production is outsourced, and in doing so, we can guarantee the outstanding quality of each and every product.

The insulated panel’s design, refrigeration compressor unit’s assembly and installation to after-sales services are all independently provided by JSBLK.

This is the installation workshop, designed for the installation of refrigeration compressor units and vacuum pumps. In order to achieve a sufficient cooling effect for the freeze dyer’s pre-freezing and cryo-pumping, as well as a higher operational stability and product quality, all the refrigeration compressor units and vacuum pump components are imported from Germany, the United States and Japan.

This is JSBLK’s assembly workshop, the core zone for product manufacturing. It spans more than 1,000 square meters, and is well equipped with both a machining unit and welding unit. In this workshop, there are a number of staff members, each of whom has more than 15 years of experience in product assembly. These staff members work together to assemble refrigeration equipment shells. In addition, our assembly workshop employs numerous electrical engineers, who are mainly responsible for the assembly of electrical enclosures. These electrical enclosures feature parts introduced from Siemens and Schneider Electric, and are programmed here, in house. By doing so, we can guarantee a highly automatic and easily operated electrical enclosure.