Large production freeze dryer

This is JSBLK’s large production freeze dryer, which features a round shape and utilizes stainless steel as the raw materials. The freeze-drying parameters are easily adjustable by the operators, and the freeze dryer itself can store 32 different sets of parameters. The machine also allows remote monitoring, remote control, as well as various protective functions and warning function, allowing for a safe and normal operation. Three different standards are available for large production freeze dryer, including 50㎡, 100㎡, and 200m2, as well as customized options.

Trays, cold traps and other accessories for the large production freeze dryer, as well as the refrigeration technology are all designed by JSBLK itself, which ensures a high product quality and significantly reduced energy consumption. The trays feature no seams, ensuring a better uniformity and smaller exposure to dust, bacteria and other residual items. The cold storage and the container itself are connected using patented stainless steel tracks. When compared to freeze dryers of other companies, ours features an energy consumption that is 20% less.
Our large production freeze dryer has been sold to overseas countries, including Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and more.