Hello, everyone. I am the general manager of JiangSu JSBLK Refrigeration Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd, more commonly known as JSBLK. We focus on the production of freeze dryer equipment as well as refrigeration equipment. In 2003, JSBLK began its research on freeze-drying technology, and we spent 10 years on preparation for freeze dryer equipment manufacturing-workshop. Not only does JSBLK research and develop innovative freeze dryer equipment, we have also consistently introduced new production technologies from overseas countries, such as the Unites States, Japan, and Germany, allowing us to make a huge technical leap in just a relatively short period of time. Currently, we utilize best-in-class technology for the manufacturing-workshop of energy-saving freeze dryers in China, which are in full accordance with customer requirements. In addition, JSBLK is also capable of completing the freeze dryer’s design, manufacturing-workshop, installation, as well as its commissioning- all in-house. Details

This is JSBLK’s PU insulated panel manufacturing-workshop workshop. Products made here are mainly used in cold storage. Raw materials used are all sourced from Wanhua Energy Sav, whose materials are considered the best in China. After raw material procurement, we carry out manufacturing-workshop completely in-house, providing a high foam density and great thermal insulation effect. Details