This freeze drying machine features an innovative and very interesting design. It is easily operated, requiring only manual feeding for preparation for freeze drying. Manufacturing of this equipment has introduced a number of our patented products and techniques, all of which contribute to a 20% lower energy consumption and lower manufacturing cost when compared with that of other companies.
There are four sets of dimensions of the machine available, including 5㎡, 10㎡, 20㎡, and 30㎡. In addition to our standard product line, JSBLK is also capable of manufacturing customized products. If customization is required, please contact us, we will definitely provide you a satisfactory experience.

Our freeze dryer design is focused on the preservation of foods, fruits, vegetables, medicines, flowers, biological materials, and chemicals. They have been sold to many overseas countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.